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Have you ever wondered why all of a sudden NFTs are all around the corner? If no, we’ll give you the reason why, it is because NFTs give you the freedom of income while you enjoy the power of playing and exercising your skills when it comes to the battle arena. The feeling of winning and earning at the same time overwhelm these players and investors.

Another NFT that is still under the radar is Moonimon. Moonimon Universe is a play to earn NFT based on Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. Through this new token, players can play, earn and fight along with your Moonimon pets or creatures. Pets or creature can also be trained and fed and develop their own skills and attributes as they evolve.

MOONIMON is a deflationary token powered by passive yield. What differs Moonimon from other token is that it has a buyback rewards to avoid the impulsive pump and dump scheme of players and investors in the market. Besides its promising buyback reward, players can also enjoy earning from its Staking and Farming features.

The Creatures, the Classification, the Skill and its Attributes

Each class has their own unique attributes and characteristics, which is classified as Physical Dwellers, Magic Dwellers, and Absorbers. Every creature has their own different set of skills which is comprised of basic skill, 1st skill, 2nd skill, and Ultimate skill, creatures can attain when they have already evolved.



Mooni creatures are made up of 6 different parts, identified by its head, face, body, back, arms, and legs.


Each body parts of Mooni Creature has appropriate accessory. It grants your creature additional attributes (Physical Damage, Magic Damage, Healing, and Defense). Accessory attributes will depend on its level and rarity, the higher the rarity and level can give an additional attributes a creature could ever have.


Accessory rarity will vary on the attributes it gives and its rarity itself, it is classified as uncommon, common, rare, epic, legend, and ancient


Once your Mooni creature reaches designated level, player can evolve their pets to acquire ultimate skill and make your creature even powerful. Mooni creatures are gifted with reproductive organs to reproduce another generation of mooni.

The Marketplace Soon

This will be a P2P marketplace where you can buy or sell your NFT’s with other in-game players. The good thing about marketplace is you can buy high powered Mooni creatures and you’ll save time and money from feeding and evolving the creature.

The team’s main goal is to gather every player located in every corner of the world and unite them in one platform where they can express their talents and skills by the means of playing.

The Tokenomics

Coin Symbol: $MOONIMON
Token Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
Farming: 25%
Play To Earn: 20%
Presale: 40%
Burn: 10%
Development: 5%

For every transaction, it will be divided into 9%; 3% for the contract, 3% for Moonimon holders and 3% for the team marketing wallet. Moonimon is secured by Defi Market. Use Pancakeswap in order for you to exchange your BNB to other Defi Token.

To know more about this promising token, Visit and Follow Moonimon Universe at:


Or contact them for inquiries at: [email protected]

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