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MetaWars, a new space exploration GameFi project, is combining GameFi and metaverse into a first-of-its-kind MetaWars launchpad. Building and enhancing its vision on Meta (known as Facebook), MetaWars allows players to mine for various cryptocurrencies from different metaverse with more play-to-earn features while simultaneously paving a new way for people to step in the blockchain economy.

Introducing MetaWars

MetaWars has recently completed their IDO with overwhelming success on DEX PancakeSwap at the end of October. With a strong group of investors backing the project, MetaWars is revolutionizing the blockchain industry alongside prominent partners like Mr. Beast, Raptor Capital, Magnus Capital, Boxmining, Double Peak, Cinchblock, Everse Capital, X21, Coin, Infinity Gains and Icetea Labs.

MetaWars Evolving Into A Gamify Launchpad – First of its Kind

Moving forward, Metawars is working with top-rated early-stage projects to provide dedicated benefits to investors expanding the metaverse ecosystem.

MetaWars is now emerging into the blockchain industry as the world’s first Gamify metaverse launchpad in their gaming ecosystem. It will assist early-stage GameFi projects with various marketing and promotional strategies as well as community support.

This transition is already well underway, with MetaWars having partnered and secured its first GameFi project on the launchpad: MetaGods. The project is a top-tier play-to-earn 8-bit action RPG project that incorporates permadeath through AI technology and NFTs into its RPG gameplay mechanics.


Additionally, MetaWars is in the process of acquiring other potential projects for its launchpad, but for the time being, MetaWars is focusing on MetaGods’ launch and the whitelisting of the project will begin shortly. We expect to see a lot more early-stage projects joining to strengthen the metaverse ecosystem. In order to provide more value for players and investors, MetaWars and MetaGods may issue NFTs that are exclusive to their respective communities! MetaWars is a community for everyone, and they want everyone to engage and learn about their growing community.

How to Earn with MetaWars Planet NFT 2.0?

Planetary ownership is not only the core of MetaWars gameplay, but also its diverse utility is the key to keep your revenue stream flowing in the metaverse ecosystem.

Players can (1) stake their NFTs into the exploration pool and mine resources on planets, (2) use their planet NFT to stake with $GAM and acquire new NFTs and additional $GAM, and (3) stake their planet NFT in a special pool to earn $WARS with increased APY. All methods provide players a source of passive income while maximizing in-game resources for optimal gameplay!

Planet utility also spans outside MetaWars and interacts with other GameFi projects via MetaWars Launchpad. Planet owners can stake their NFTs in a staking pool for a chance to enter the launchpad. From there, users have exclusive access to invest in potential GameFi IDOs, earn massive profits, and get a head start on the economy of the next GameFi project! GameFi projects on MetaWars Launchpad have the potential to reach 100x or more. Become the first millionaire gamers today!


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