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The world’s first crypto asset management platform is launching its decentralized finance (DeFi) fund very soon, which offers a unique opportunity to investors who are looking to diversify their portfolios and tap into the cryptocurrency space.

Decentralized Finance or DeFi is a protocol built on top of a distributed blockchain networks with no middlemen or intermediaries such as banks and exchanges. DeFi has been applied in multiple financial instruments such as lending and borrowing platforms. DeFi applications have experienced tremendous growth over the last two years. As of July this year, Cointelegraph reported that the total value locked in the DeFi ecosystem had hit $55 billion, a number that is mainly dominated by the lending and borrowing sector.

Koinomo as an asset management platform is promising to bring a portion of this burgeoning sector to digital asset finance management by allowing investors to earn passive income by investing their Bitcoin and other big cap crypto assets with the digital asset management firm.

Well, we all know the power of passive income in creating stability, security, and freedom in your financial life, which can positively affect your ability to build wealth. But keeping up with the highly volatile crypto industry is not easy. How about venturing into this lucrative industry through a decentralized digital asset management company powered by a smart contract?

Koinomo’s Unique Approach

To navigate the complex landscape of digital assets, Koinomo is offering its own Koinomo Wallet which is created with 12 random seed phrases with a secure and advanced blockchain platform that controls investors’ digital asset portfolios to take advantage of the rapidly growing cryptocurrency industry.


Adopting both the traditional investment fund’s management expertise and digital asset knowledge, Koinomo is looking to take advantage of the lucrative opportunities that the digital asset space has provided. The platform will be adopting a multi-investment asymmetrical strategy to maximize returns whilst ensuring your investments are safe by adopting foolproof risk management principles, prudent asset allocation, and DeFi innovations.

How will the Digital Asset FUND achieve this goal?

Koinomo is powered by a Smart Contract using Blockchain Technology and uses its Decentralized platform to manage digital assets, including its own token $KMO built on Binance Smart Chain(BSC) Network. The digital asset manager works currently accepts BTC, XRP, ETH, BNB, LTC, which are all paired with USD. These are high market cap coins that have proven their viability and stability in terms of security and giving investors a good return on investment. Given the dominance of Bitcoin, the BTC/USD pairing will constitute 73.9% of all trading desk funds. The platform aims to use portfolio diversification and margin trading to maximize gains for investors.

To ensure security, the digital asset management firm is set to hold your investments in cold wallets. The choice of cold wallets is a security strategy because of its superiority in terms of security. Cold wallets, unlike hot wallets, are quite secure. Stealing from a cold wallet will require one to have physical access to the cold wallet, as well as any associated PINs or passwords to enable them to access the stored funds.

In summary, the digital asset manager will ensure:

  • Secure custody to your funds

We’re all aware of the challenges facing custodians of digital assets and investors. Koinomo is a foolproof secure platform providing purpose-built custody solutions. The platform is using its digital finance DeFi solutions to enable investors to earn passive income without struggling to navigate the complex cryptocurrency world. As an investor, you can relax knowing that your assets are safe with one of the most secure digital asset custodians in the market today. The platform has designed a highly secure platform with strong security encryptions to ensure maximum security, transparency, and control. Your funds in our custody will be stored in cold wallets to safeguard them from any possible unauthorized access. Moreover, only 35%- 50% of all assets deposited on the platform will be traded to generate passive income, the rest will be stored in secure cold storage wallets.

  • Speedy transactions, Support, and zero withdrawal fees

The platform has noted the challenges most crypto investors have as far as the time it takes to have their money into their accounts after withdrawal. As such, processing your withdrawals will take less than 24 hours to reach your Koinomo wallet. The platform does not charge any transaction fees, except for the profit split as outlined in the platform. They also provide 24/7 online support to investors, which allows them to raise any query and get instant feedback from the support agents. We believe in the principle of trust, speed, and support.

Koinomo will be powered by its native cryptocurrency $KMO Token and Bitcoin, which will be the base currency to facilitate transactions on the platform. To track and provide assurance to investors, the digital asset manager will be releasing the monthly fund performance of Koinomo to give investors the monthly insight into the trade activities and profit/loss for each trading day.

The digital asset management firm is raising Assets for the funds through a pre-sales offering, which allows investors to purchase $KMO Token done on a DEX (DxSale.app). The private & pre-sale is already ongoing ahead of the launch.

Check out the digital asset Fund https://koinomo.finance/ and the whitepaper to get an idea of how you can be part of this fast-growing DeFi project and draw benefits of an early investor.



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