Google Partnered With Flow Blockchain By Dapper Labs


Google partnered with Flow Blockchain by Dapper Labs to still be the leader in the next generation of Web 3.0 as we are reading more in our latest cryptocurrency news.

The tech giant announced a new partnership with Top shot and Flow blockchain creator Dapper Labs and the new partnership will allow Google to assist in scaling the blockchain in the near future. The partnership secured Google Cloud as the main member of the Flow network that will bring connectivity to consumers and app developers across the world. The deal reported in depth through a Forbes press release established Google Cloud as a network operator which will provide the infrastructure necessary for Flow to scale. Dapper Labs is now a strong player on the NFT market and the blockchain is already powering the products like CryptoKitties and Top shot but the deal came amid the NFT boom.

Dapper Labs CEO Roham Gharegozhlou confirmed the partnership with Google in a tweet which covered some major milestones for the blockchain since going on the mainnet a year ago with over 2MM unique wallets with less than half from Top Shot and 250 mainnet contracts and over 18 MM blocks with 50 MM transactions on the chain. Gharegozlou stated that the Flow blockchain is now with 3000+ new devs building as Google jumps on board to help scale. With this new deal, these developers will be able to access nodes at a lower latency. One interesting point of note from the Forbes team is the impact that Flow and other blockchain services have on Amazon Web Services. The node operators of the Flow blockchain are free to use the hardware that it needs. However, the latest announcement will make it easier for the devs to integrate with the Google Cloud software.

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In a statement, Gharegzlou described today’s blockchain evolution as the iPhone moment where teh consumer is starting to understand what is going on. Both Amazon and Microsoft started blockchain initiatives in the past few years and this allowed the major tech players to continue to have a stronghold on teh cloud with the crypto nodes. The 2019 Chainstack report showed that over 60% of the ETH nodes were running on cloud services which brought resilience to the major cloud service providers. Now as Google Partnered with Flow blockchain, It only seems that Google is getting stronger especially after the other partnerships with Chainlink and Hedera Hashgraph.


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