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Frontera is an up-and-coming NFT Metaverse game where users can not only own NFTs but also level up, upgrade them, and engage in battle vs bots and other players. Frontera also allows players to monetize their gaming experience by offering various play-to-earn mechanisms, staking, and an in-house marketplace. For in-game transactions, it will utilise the $TOKO token, which is the native token of Tokoin, an established partner of Frontera which is listed on the global top 5 exchange KuCoin. It has expansion plans and a roadmap entering the Metaverse and multiple seasons of its Mechas (i.e. its in-game characters and NFTs), allowing both the game and its players to continually level up.


Back in the year 2009, a human from Earth was transported to another planet through a space abnormality. Alone and cast away on a new planet, this genius set out to build self-sustaining AI Mechas to help him inhabit this new planet he was forced to live on.

This was how our realm named FRONTERA was created. Ever since then, these Mechas have been inhabiting this new universe. They’re now living and growing into a new society in the wide universe we are in.

Trying to find his way back to earth, this mysterious and pseudonymous persona, now known as the Creator, explored the vast power of the space abnormality. But instead of going back to Earth, he started bringing more and more humans into the realm of FRONTERA.

If you are reading this, you are probably one of the few humans that have been chosen by the Creator to become a handler of FRONTERA’s Mechas. In order to survive and thrive in our realm, you have to pick the right Mecha partners and foster a strong bond with them.


The Metaverse

We are also looking to integrate FRONTERA into the Metaverse. The goal is to enable Frontera to have not only Play-to-earn mechanics, but also be connected to the Metaverse, which is everything-to-earn. So, you can build your own destiny or build your own world. With the metaverse, any participant can enter a virtual world that will connect different environments, of which FRONTERA would be one.

This social element of the gaming metaverse will bring much more fun and a much wider experience to players, as the model itself will create a new breakthrough where gamers can also become crypto and NFT investors. More importantly, with the rise of the Metaverse as a whole, such “games” will provide very sustainable income sources for many players, thereby potentially changing the way that jobs will look in the future – the names and descriptions for many of these future careers simply don’t exist yet. We aim to make FRONTERA a gateway for our players.

About Our Partner, Tokoin ($TOKO)

Tokoin is one of the pioneer blockchain companies from Indonesia.

At Tokoin, they develop and support different projects, both locally and globally, to be at the forefront of blockchain technology. This enables us to leverage their $TOKO token and its advantages, by providing a common currency amongst many games and projects and also providing them with legitimacy, liquidity, and financial support.


Pre-Sale: If you want to play FRONTERA, you must have a Mecha (aka character). You can buy these Mechas (in the form of NFTs) through our pre-sale/public sale. These NFTs can then be used in-game to earn the $TOKO token. There will also be a special 25% discount for purchases carried out in $TOKO.

Play to Earn

In the realm of Frontera, there are many ways to earn. You can engage in PvE battles and whenever you successfully complete a stage, you will get $TOKO and EXP as rewards. You can also stake your Mecha (NFT) to earn $TOKO. Finally, you can earn through Fusion, where you exchange 2 Mechas to get a limited edition Mecha. If you are lucky, you may even get a Mecha from a higher Class! And there’s a cherry on top of this cake – Mecha Hodlers can get onto the whitelist for the next series/season.

So what are you waiting for? See you in the realm of Frontera! For more information about the game, the NFTs, and how to get a head-start on the competition, head to our medium, our telegram channel, or our website.

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