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October 12, 2021– CODI finance, a progressive DeFi ecosystem, aspires to become a fully decentralized ecosystem by providing its users with unique decentralized financial products and establishing a governance structure in which users are at the center of decision-making. The CODI ecosystem employs a DAO governance model, which allows the CODI community to manage the entire platform. To help the Ecosystem become a fully decentralized platform, the CODI community will be able to vote on new features, partnerships, and other integrations.

At the moment, the CODI Ecosystem is made up of the following primary features:

  • COpad – Premier IDO Launchpad
  • CODIswap- Limit-Order based DEX
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Decentralized Social Networking
  • DAO Governance Model
  • Fully customizable Vesting Protocol

CODI intends to build a powerful IDO launchpad on the Solana Blockchain, which is known for its speed and scalability. The goal is to create a platform for new DeFi projects to secure safe and secure funding from investors. CODI’s IDO Launchpad, COpad, recognizes that there are many unique DeFi projects in the market today, but there is a roadblock in achieving liquidity for this project. New DeFi projects can scale and attract users who share their vision and goals by utilizing the Solana blockchain.

CODI also intends to launch an NFT marketplace, where artists and collectors will be able to trade NFTs quickly and securely. The Ethereum blockchain is home to the world’s largest and most popular NFT marketplaces, which are plagued by slow transaction times and high transaction fees. CODI intends to use the Solana blockchain to build a more efficient and cost-effective NFT marketplace. As a result, users will be able to efficiently trade NFTs and other digital assets. The introduction of CODI’s NFT marketplace would undoubtedly help the NFT market grow and scale.

Other amazing features on the CODI ecosystem include Decentralized Social Networking, a fully customizable Vesting Protocol trading GUI with limit orders, and a futures protocol, all of which will have a significant impact on the DeFi sector.
The CODI Ecosystem has a competitive advantage over other DeFi environments because it is built on the Solana blockchain and is completely decentralized.


There is no doubt that the DeFi industry necessitates a project like CODI at this time, as the price of ethyl gas is currently overwhelming investors.

The project is in its second week of private sale, and CODI will distribute at least 99 million $CODI, or 30% of the total supply of 330,000,000 CODI, during the period prior to the project’s listing on exchanges. The incredible traction gained by the private sale shows that $CODI is most likely a “game-changing” project.The allocated supply for the private sale is nearly exhausted; anyone interested in this “unique” ecosystem should buy tokens at pre-sale prices before they are depleted. The private sale is still going on and will end on October 31st. In this private sale, the project offers CODI tokens for $0.02 per token with a four-month vesting period and $0.03 per token without a vesting period. Please contact CODI’s sales team at [email protected] to participate in the private sale and obtain tokens.

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